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Q: Do brand medications differ from generic medications?

A: Yes. Brand medications are different from generic medications in terms of name, color, shape, and price. Generic medications share the same name with their active ingredient and are cheaper as compared to brand medications. Generics, however, are composed of the same active ingredient as brand medications and the two are also similar in their action mechanism, dosage, and contraindications.

Q: Are generic medications safe for intake?

A: For generic drugs to be certified, they should be composed of the same active ingredient, have the same potency, dosage and administration route as their brand counterparts. With that in mind, there is no doubt that they are safe and efficient.

Q: Do your medications work effectively like the ones that are sold at local pharmacies around me?

A: We ensure that our products are of good quality and assure our customers that they act in a similar way to those purchased at local pharmacies.

Q: How can I have questions concerning my order addressed?

A: Feel free to reach our customer support service before placing an order in case you have a burning issue or an unclear point that you would like to have it elaborated.

Ordering Ordering

Q: How do I place an order?

A: Visit our website and choose the products you would like to purchase, add them to the cart and proceed to checkout. Once you reach this section, choose your preferred delivery service, fill in all the needed information and cross check to ensure you have provided the accurate credit card details, correct shipping and billing address then click on the “Place Order” button. If you come across any challenges placing your order, use the “Contact Us” form or call our customer service team for assistance.

Q: How do I make payments for my order?

A: Both credit and debit cards are accepted.

Q: Is it possible to cancel an order?

A: After placing an order, you are allowed a time span of 24 hours to cancel it. Please note that you cannot cancel an order after it has been dispatched. If you opt to cancel an order, notify our customer support staff via the “Contact Us” form or over the phone.

Q: Can I order a refill?

A: Making a regular purchase is the same as ordering a refill. To simplify the process of filling out details during checkout, use your previous order ID number which is provided on the invoice or confirmation email. Ordering a refill grants you 5%discount.

Q: Does your online store guarantee safety?

A: You should not worry about the safety of your card information since our online ordering system runs on security encryption software. Any financial details you provide while placing an order are used to process the payment and dispatch your order, nothing more.

Q: At what point does my card get charged?

A: It is charged immediately your order is processed and our financial department approves it.

Q: Why is my date of birth necessary?

A: We use the date of birth you provide in your billing information to verify that you are the legitimate cardholder.

Q: Why are you attempting to reach me?

A: We contact our customers if we need to prevent illicit orders, avoid mistakes and to process your order quickly. In case we fail to reach you, the order will be canceled.

Q: Do you offer any discounts on orders?

A: Yes. We offer 5% and 15% discount packages to our clients. Seek further information on discounts from our customer support service.

Shipping Shipping

Q: After how long shall I receive my order and how much delivery cost do you charge?

A: We offer the following delivery services (but we do not limit delivery to these service providers):

  1. Royal Mail. EMS 7-12 working days (seldom up to 25 working days)
  2. UK Mail. 14-21 workdays via International Registered Mail (rare cases may extend up to 35working days)
The shipping price will be indicated on the checkout screen.

Q: Can I edit my shipping address?

A: You can omit or add details to your shipping address within a span of 24 hours after placing an order if necessary. Make sure you contact our customer support if you need to change your shipping details.

Q: I received a damaged parcel or it went missing, what do I do?

A: Contact our customer support service to notify us so that we can reship it or order a refund.

Q: Are there additional reshipping charges?

A: We reship your order at no cost if:

  1. You chose to insure your delivery during checkout or in the shopping basket.
  2. Your order was canceled before being dispatched.
  3. The product you chose is out of stock.
  4. The shipping method you chose is temporarily unavailable.
  5. The delivered products were wrong, for instance, broken pills (a photo of the parcel and the product should be availed).
  6. The parcel was not valid or effectual (a photo of the parcel and product should be availed).
  7. The customer did not receive the parcel within a specified delivery time.
  8. The parcel was shipped to the wrong address.
  9. Some ordered items were missing in the parcel, where only the missing items will be reshipped (a photo of the parcel and the product should be availed).

Q: Can I keep track of my order?

A: Absolutely! Navigate to the “Track My Order” menu on our website’s main page anduse your tracking ID (provided via email) to track your order.

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